June 9, 2013

Obituary of the fireflies

"You know the reason why I decided to choose this place? it's because of the fireflies, the water (river) and the ricefield. Now the water is not like it used to be, the fireflies are gone."

When he said that I thought it is very similar to love. We might have reasons why we love someone or something, but when we intent to own the things we love they will dissapear before us. So, love, let it be and set them free. Now I understand.

"Don't underestimate this place, this place has a very high vallue, it's a matter of my missmanagement. It's a very good business." 

No doubt about it, it is true from the point of view of an investor, it is a very good location, but it won't be considered as a good business from the point of view of environtmentalists.

"Why it is not?"

There are some springs located within your property. In Balinese tradition, springs are considered sacred.

"No, I don't believe in such things."

By sacred I mean, they have a way of telling the people that there shouldn't be any buildings or any human activities within the vicinity of springs, like maybe within several hundreds metre range around the springs. It's to protect the purity of water, springs shouldn't be contaminated. There are reasons why traditional Balinese people never build their houses nearby water (river, springs or too close to the sea), water should be pure. 

"No I never thought about the springs before, it wasn't for that reason and I didn't mean to. But the water is already contaminated. The reason why I choose this place is mainly because of the fireflies. There is one cottage there, I named it Fireflies. I saw so many fireflies before, so many! now, not anymore."


"Yes hotaru, I love hotaru"

And fireflies can only breed in clean water.

"Yess! Yess! Exactly!"

Well it's a combination of what we are all doing that we are no longer can see so many beautiful things that was once so close to us.

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