June 30, 2013

My favorite natural products from Bali

Most natural products displayed in this blog are limited and unfortunately they are not cheap because the sources are limited and most herbalist must grow their own organic herbs. The process is time consuming and therefore the availability is limited.

Enough is enough with petroleum based detergent, let's go back to local wisdom. I've been using liquid soap nut for my laundry and sometimes for washing dishes for the past five years. Traditional people in Java still using soap nut (Lerak in Javanese) to wash their precious hand painted batik collections (to maintain its colour and to protect the material since the usage of detergent can harm its quality) and to wash their jewelries. Since I am allergic to petroleum based detergent I started using Lerak five years ago recommended by a Balinese friend of mine. The only problem using liquid soap nut is we can not wash white clothes with it and it doesn't have any scent so we can add essential oils if needed. People back then using herbs such as cendana oil (sandalwood) or akar wangi (vetiver) in their closet to get rid of moth and odour. Clothing with delicate and expensive materials such as silk need special treatment and so far soap nut liquid never fails me.

Liquid soap nut
I can never get enough with these natural soap bars. Satsuki is a Japanese lady who really concern about her family's health so she makes her own soap bars and healthy organic food. Her soap bars are so mild and all have very nice scent, my bathing ritual become a very pleasant moment with all these natural soap bars.

Natural soap bars, very mild and you'll love the scent.
For those who are allergic to any kind of shampoo with petroleum based detergent there are many alternatives such as herbal shampoo and I am lucky enough to live very close to people who still maintain their local wisdom. Other than using fresh natural herbs and leaves such as aloevera, coconut, ginger, green tea and hibiscus leaves to treat my hair, I am also using Frangipani shampoo regularly. It gives my hair the right volume and moisture. Frangipani shampoo contained more than a dozen ingredients that are distilled in a complicated and traditional way. Previously I need to wash my hair once every two days because the detergent residue can caused itchy scalp, with this shampoo I can wash my hair once every three to four days to protect the moist on my scalp. I can use the shampoo as body wash aswell. It's very mild that you can use the shampoo daily. Other than shampoo I am also using hair tonic from the same herbalist. One day I just realized that I still have a bottle of hair tonic that I bought several years ago, to my surprise the hair tonic that has been abandoned for years is just getting better and better, the scent is getting nicer. It has the scent of thousand flowers and I love it. They have other products aswell such as mosquito repellent from lemon grass essence, body scrub and massage oil, I just love their natural products.

Hibiscus leaves for hair conditioner

Massage oil, hair tonic, mosquito repellent and body oil.

On one occasion, I had an interview with the herbalist and I am falling in love deeper and deeper with her products. She told me when she was young she used to give beauty treatments to her sisters- who were famous dancers and beauty queens in the village. She used to hate her sisters and the obligation to take care of their beauty because she had to collect all the ingredients herself, running errands walking up and down the valleys, rivers and grinding herbs for all her sisters' beauty treatment, but now she understood that it's a way of nature teaching her the local wisdom that has to be passed on to the next generation. So many thanked her natural beauty products including myself. I don't have itchy scalp anymore and my dry curly hair becomes shiny and easy to manage.

Another favorite item to be put on the list is natural sanitary napkin. I am allergic to the adhesive substance in conventional sanitary napkin, it's so uncomfortable to deal with every time I have my period and above all I have a deep concern to the fact that most sanitary napkins on the market are bleached, for sure this will affect our private area sooner or later, so I searched for relatively safe sanitary napkin and found these cute napkins.

These napkins are so soft and comfortable because they are made of 100% cotton and are available in three sizes, S, M, L and XL for heavy duty. It is environmentally friendly, no bleach, no annoying adhesive that can cause allergic reaction and damage our panties. They can be used for a long period of time and easy to wash and dry. It's better to sacrifice a little bit of time to wash the napkins  rather than getting any diseases caused by bleaching agent commonly used for papers, fabric or cotton.

The last but not least, is bamboo straw. I love drinking juice and it is annoying to know that people are constantly using and offering plastic straws unconsciously. Since these bamboo straws are cute, I love bringing them everywhere I go, they are very useful and you might like the taste of the juice sipped from the bamboo straw.

By altering our consumption to environmentally friendly products, hopefully we can leave our future generation a better place to live in.

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