April 9, 2016


One day our kid(s) will ask us "what God is", and how will you answer that question when your journey to "find" or understand God is not finished yet? Whether or not you believe in God?

Most people I met either misunderstood (sounds like they trying to convince themselves that God exist), don't believe in God or don't talk about it. It's an abstract concept that I need to find the answer thru my own spiritual journey. I am not impressed with the explanation given by people who can only "copy paste-ing" any books or "Books". I am more confused when people who claimed that they understand God, trying to explain what God is. Sometimes I "see" God, thru their eyes/brain, as a white people, as a very bad person worst than Wall Street people, as half Arabic half Caucasian who wears only white and have black beard, as a very big eye watching us, sometimes I see God as a giant Hello Kitty when I ask a little girl.

When we are so trapped in our sensory perceptions, how can we really "see"?

So please, please, before we understand something, don't create more confusions to the unassuming little ones who might be closer to God, but they are unable to put them in words, because words are limited.