January 10, 2013

In case you doubt that all creatures, and everything exist in this world has purpose.

Incase you wonder why God created mosquitos. Here is a lesson that I learned from Insect Museum in Chiang Mai. 

"How does the mosquito serve to benefit all live?

The little mosquitos are more of our friends than enemy. This family of insects brings many useful benefits to many living things and processes. It is important to remind you that of Thailand's 459 different species only 10 are vectors for disease.

Nature gives each species a specific design and only certain species of mosquito are physiologically design with the capability to carry and transit disease to humans and other animals. It is a simple fact that all animals of this planet carry disease in their body who will become sick or die and by what disease depend on several dynamic factors. We could consider the level of immunity within the body or the energetic strength/capability to resist or destroy the poison of the specific disease. The mosquito do transfer a minor toxin that act to generate antibodies within the body. These antibodies create immunity, enabling resistance against major diseases within animals, this process is natural vaccination; the injection from the mosquitos provides a strong to humans and all
animals protecting them from future sickness.

Nature creates and maintain everything in balance within ecological systems, everything exist with inherit value and purpose".

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