June 6, 2011

Running Around Inside The Labyrinth

From the holy cow shit;

I learned about regret.

The colour of regret is dark and gloomy. I felt like I always want to go back to where it begin, and I wish I could turn back time. I was stuck in an eternal emptyness, there was only space. Time is undefined, no begining, no end. Never move on, always go round and round at the same spot, the same story, the same people. And I realized, this is death.

I learned about trust.

Is there anything, just anything that or anyone who could save me from eternal emptyness? I just don't want to be here any longer. How can I keep myself alive within eternal emptyness? I need faith! I need to trust something, I need to believe in something, something that I can hold on to. Someone whom I can trust. Someone who can lead me back home, to where it begin. Out there, can not be trusted. I need to believe. I need faith. Lead me to the faith. And I found faith, it was so bright. Beautiful.

I learned about be in the present.

When you are in an eternal emptyness, what will you do? I kept on searching the light.  The one who will lead me to the light. Out there is too dark, I couldn't see. I search, and search, and search and I found someone who can teach me how to "go back home". I heard one say, "be in the present, be in the momment, that's the only thing that we have within eternal emptyness, out there are only illusions". The reality is here, right here, right now. Be in the present. The more I feel the present the more alive I became. And finally I found the light that could lead me "back home". I returned from the death. I can go back home once again.

I learned about illusion.

Escaped from death, left the eternal emptiness and left all the illusions, and keep on trying to be in the present. The more I feel the present, the more alive I became. And I realized, the only way to "go back home" is to have faith in the present. Not the illusions. Once you know that everything that you see is merely illusion, you'll know, what kind of reality you want to be at. Once you know that most of the things we see are merely illusions, you can create your own reality. Just have faith, and stay at the present.

After death, nothing else matter.

When you realize that you can find the light after death, you will enter a new reality. You were dead in a different world of reality, but have faith, that the previous life you had, wasn't your reality. Someone else, or something else was creating it for you. That's why you are dead even before you are alive. You will go thru a whole new journey, a whole new reality, but this time, you take control of your own reality. You create your own story. Even pain is only illusion. You can hit yourself as hard as you want but as long as you have faith, even pain is unreal, fear is unreal. After death, nothing else matter.

So,what are you afraid of? When death is amazingly beautiful.

I come back home, once again. In my new beautiful reality.

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