February 23, 2012

Show Me The Way To Surrender

The power of the unknown, is the only thing that can make you surrender.

Many search for the state of knowing or understanding things, so we can prepare ourselves on how to react towards every circumstances. How would you react towards the unknown?

Fear of not knowing when, how, where, what, is just like swimming in a deep ocean in the pitch dark of the night. Thus, human being try to eliminate uncertainty to get rid of the anxiety from not knowing. Precision, prediction, schedule, itinerary, guidance, fortune teller, forecasting become popular. Being within predictable and identified circumstances makes human being feel safe and comfortable, but too comfortable isn't good, cause they'll forgot that nothing is flawless. Things are just relative.

Religions and beliefs emerged as the answer of human quest to find their life origin and existence. The never ending quest about understanding life and living is merely an effort to ease the anxiety. All efforts are heading towards one destination: to be in the know. Being surrendered is the highest state of the whole existence of all beings. Religions, beliefs, teach us how to surrender, yet unfortunately they are also the source of anxiety, when being politicized.

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